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Celebrating Home Health Aide Week- 2023

November 13, 2023

For over 40 years, Home Health Aides have been the heart and the backbone of Comfort Health. During Home Health Aide week, we pause to recognize these vital caregivers who give so much throughout the year.  We all know that without Aides, clients wouldn't be able to stay at home surrounded by all the comforts; reading in our favorite chair, sleeping in our own bed, surrounded by family, friends and our beloved pets. It's these wonderful folks who make all that happen.

Whether helping folks recover from an injury or illness, or just helping us safely remain at home, Home Health Aides do much of the important work. So, to those folks who help us get up in the morning or get to bet at night,help keep our homes clean and safe, travel with us to medical appointments, make sure we get our daily medications, check our blood glucose levels or vital signs, help us with a meal, listen to us when we're having a tough day, catch a potential issue before it becomes serious, help folks with dementia stay safe and independent, AND a MILLION OTHER INVALUABLE THINGS, we say...