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Rehab & Therapy Right at Home

When you’re recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery, your physician may order therapy to help you regain your independence or learn strategies to work with ongoing challenges. In-home therapy offers a comfortable and convenient option to aid with the recovery process.

Our physical, occupational, and speech therapists are highly experienced and can tailor a therapy plan to meet your goals in the comfort of your home. They communicate with your physicians and any other home care staff to ensure your personalized plan becomes a reality. Home Therapy Programs make use of your own surroundings as tools in your recovery. Your goals and progress reflect how you actually live your life.

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At Comfort Health, our physical therapists begin by evaluating each client and developing a rehabilitation program to help them regain strength, movement, and coordination. The therapist will take your surroundings into consideration and help turn your home into the best possible therapy gym in the world.

Some Common Things Physical Therapy Can Help with Include:

  • Increasing strength and activity tolerance for better mobility
  • Creating an individual home exercise program
  • Recommendations for home and leisure adjustments
  • Learning to safely get around and prevent falls
  • Completing daily tasks
  • Learning to use a cane, walker, or wheel chair

Occupational Therapy helps people develop, recover, and maintain the skills they need to live independently day-to-day. Our skilled In-Home Occupational Therapists evaluate each client to determine the need for assistive or adaptive equipment, assess their cognitive and perceptual abilities, and provide any education or retraining in home management that they require.

Some Common Things Occupational Therapy Can Help with Include:

  • Completing daily living activities
  • Using assistive devices
  • Learning to safely get around and prevent falls
  • Adjusting activities to help with loss of function
  • Conserving energy during movements
  • Home adjustments for safe bathing, grooming, and dressing
  • Speech therapy provides services to build better communication skills and teach methods to improve expressive and receptive language. Our speech therapists also provide treatment and support for those with cognitive-communication disorders and swallowing disorders.

    Some Common Things Speech Therapy Can Help with Include:

  • Techniques to prevent choking
    • Improving the ability to swallow
    • Assistance with eating and drinking
    • Assistance with tubal feedings
    • Skills to enhance cognitive function and address brain injury
    • Exercises to strengthen muscles used in speech and sound production
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    We're happy to help you learn more about in-home care during a free, no-obligation consult. You can schedule a time online and specify how you would like to be contacted. One of our friendly representatives will gladly answer your questions and go over specific details with you during your scheduled time.