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Love Your Heart

February 19, 2024

February is National Heart Health Awareness Month and at Comfort Health we know just how important heart health is. 

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States but there is a lot you can do for your heart health; from regular checkups that include blood pressure monitoring, eating healthy meals, exercising, quitting smoking and paying attention to how you are feeling. 

 Did you know you can lower your risk for heart disease and stroke by regularly monitoring your blood pressure? With support from your health care team you can keep blood pressure with a combination of exercise, diet and medication. At Comfort Health, one way we help our clients stay on track is with regular blood pressure checks. You can check your blood pressure at the doctor's office, pharmacy or at home too! Our team can also guide you with expert advice on nutrition, exercise, medications and more as we work together to create an optimal care plan for your overall health. 

So, let's celebrate our hearts and focus on staying healthy so we can enjoy extra time with the family and friends that we love!