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Our History

Early Excellence in Eldercare

Comfort Health was formed by the Blum brothers in 1982, but their passion for providing high quality care originated long before. Their mother, Dorothy E. Blum, R.N., bought a nursing home called Maple Manor in 1964 and made it her mission to bring fresh ideas to the field of long-term care. With the help of her husband’s business experience, the Blums implemented cutting edge changes to the field of eldercare.

Dorothy made the expensive commitment to staffing the building around the clock with Registered Nurses, she designed a rehabilitative Physical Therapy program, and she hired a dietitian to ensure that in addition to being tasty, the meals would meet any dietary restrictions a resident might have. She made sure Maple Manor stood as an example of excellence in eldercare, and her ideas rubbed off on their seven sons.

antique nursing portrait of Dorothy Blum
illustration of a tree growing medical icons

All In the Family

All seven of the Blum brothers worked at Maple Manor as nursing assistants, bookkeepers, dietary aides, and housekeepers. The younger ones mowed the lawn and shoveled snow.

Eventually, four of the brothers went on to become licensed nursing home and hospital administrators and worked in facilities in Minnesota, South Dakota, Texas and California. And Pat Blum had been working as Maple Manor’s Assistant Administrator for years before Dorothy and her husband decided to retire.

Evolving with the Times

It was clear that the role of nursing homes was evolving in the early 80s. Maple Manor was rehabilitating and discharging 85% of residents to their homes within 30 days, which was wonderful news for patients, but presented new challenges. Being home, surrounded by family and friends was great; but the support and medical supervision of the nursing facility was missing. Something was clearly needed to act as a bridge to help people make a successful transition home.

In 1982, the Blum brothers formed Comfort Home Health Care Group to meet this growing need. The beginnings were pretty humble, with two nurses and two nursing assistants working in offices converted from part of Maple Manor’s laundry. The company has grown and changed much since then, but its mission remains the same; to bring high quality, affordable care to everyone facing health challenges in the comfort of their own environments.