Tips for Caring for the Elderly During the Holidays in Rochester, MN

Comfort Health provides home health care services for the elderly in Rochester, MN.

December offers so much fun and excitement in the form of shopping, gift giving, entertaining, or attending special church services. It is often easy to forget that the holidays can be very difficult for senior citizens if their mental, physical, and emotional needs are not taken into account.


Fortunately, there are several steps that family members, friends, and care givers can take to help the elderly folks in their lives to enjoy and thrive during the holidays. Comfort Health, a full-service home health agency based in Rochester, MN, offers these timely suggestions:


– Help older people keep their regular schedule of medications during the hectic pace of the holidays. Also, pay attention to their alcohol consumption during parties and family gatherings.


– Keep set schedules. If the seniors in your life are used to waking up, eating, and going to sleep at certain times, make sure to respect those schedules to minimize stress.


– Plan ahead. Realize that the noise and commotion of a large gathering can lead to overstimulation, irritability, and exhaustion for older family members. Limit the number of activities they’re involved in or the length of time they’re included. Designate a quiet room where an older person can take a break to relax or nap.


– Reach out to older relatives and friends who are alone and spend time with them. Loneliness is a difficult emotion for anyone, but it can especially painful during the holidays.


– If decorating has always been important to your loved one, help them participate as much as possible. Use decorations and ornaments that are meaningful and bring back pleasant memories. Play holiday music to set a festive mood.


– Offer to help write holiday cards and shop for your loved one, while keeping expenses to a minimum.


– If a family gathering is in an unfamiliar place, remove throw rugs or other obstacles that can make it difficult for seniors with balance or walking difficulties to navigate.


Finally, if your loved one is receiving home health care services from Comfort Health, based in Rochester, MN, he or she will continue to receive high-quality care and some extra special attention during the holiday season. Our highly trained and carefully supervised home health aides are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to meet a wide range of home-care needs.


Also, upon individual evaluation, Comfort Health’s dedicated care givers are available to accompany clients to special events, such as family celebrations or reunions. After all, taking part in social activities is vitally important to a person’s overall emotional health and well-being – a fact that is more important than ever during the holidays.


To learn more about how Comfort Health can help you or your loved one through the holiday season and beyond, call 800-204-2332 today.

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