Stages of Wound Healing and Signs of Chronic Wounds Needing Assisted Wound Care in Rochester, MN

Abrasions, cuts, lacerations, and other forms of wounds can occur when you least expect, and more frequently than you may think. While these wounds often mend in a timely fashion with the help of medical care, in some situations, this may not be the case. When wounds do not heal in the expected amount of time or follow the standard stage of wound healing, they are considered chronic wounds. Without proper treatment, these wounds can leave the body open to infections and poisoning. At Comfort Health, our staff of expert health professionals can provide the assistance you or a loved one needs with collaborative practice wound care in Rochester, MN.

Human bodies are resilient and capable of mending a large range of wound types given time and care. If completed correctly, the healing process follows a natural process of self-repair.


Blood clotting, or hemostasis, is the first stage of healing. In this stage, blood and platelets mesh and clot into the injury site, blocking the flow of blood and preventing bacteria and other antibodies from entering the body.

Inflammation follows the clotting process, and the site of the injury is flooded with white blood cells that destroy any dead or damaged cells and attack bacteria or antibodies that may have entered the body through the wound. New platelet cells are formed and spread during this stage as well.

The growth of new tissue, or proliferation, begins when the wound site is clotted and all antibodies are neutralized. Proteins, blood vessels, and other tissues are formed, repairing the damaged site of the wound. In many cases this leads to scar tissue forming on the epidermis or surface layer of the skin.

The maturation stage of the healing process finalizes the tissue growth stage. Cells are remodeled and realigned, and unneeded cells die off and are removed.

This natural process is applied to wounds of all types, but occasionally it fails. The failure or malfunction of the healing process causes what is known as a chronic wound.

Symptoms of Chronic Wounds:

Chronic wounds can be caused by a number of physical problems, such as weak circulation, certain systematic illnesses, radiation sickness, age, neural damage, and recurring trauma. Symptoms include obvious lack of healing in open wounds, chronic pains, persistent ulcers, and more.

If you or a loved one is struggling with the challenges of chronic wounds, Comfort Health can help. Contact us at (800) 204-2332 for professional and compassionate wound care in Rochester, MN.


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