Skilled Nursing Care Can Help You Get Back on Your Feet in Rochester, MN

There are many situations where skilled nursing care can help you or a loved one feel good or help you better manage your health in Rochester, MN. That’s where Comfort Health, a highly reputable home health agency, enters the picture. For example, maybe you’ve been released from the world-famous Mayo Clinic, but you stay in town for a few days to continue receiving outpatient care at the world’s number one clinic and hospital. One of Comfort Health’s skilled nurses—either a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (LPN)—will provide the extra care that you require before heading home.


Whether you’re staying in Rochester a few days, a few weeks, or a months, Comfort Health can help get you back on your feet with our high-quality skilled nursing services. Following an inpatient hospitalization, rehabilitation, or a stay at a skilled nursing facility, we can help you reach your goal of returning to your home, wherever that may be. If you call Rochester or the surrounding community your permanent home, we can also provide skilled nursing services to you for as long as you need them.


Here are some additional ways that Comfort Health’s team of highly skilled nurses can help you get better with high-quality, follow-up care that you can trust:

  • Our skilled nurses can help you or your loved ones regain independence by learning new skills to better manage your health in the case of an overall decline in functioning.
  • When new medication has been provided, our skilled nurses can monitor for side effects and effectiveness.
  • Our skilled nurses can assist with the following: injection administration, infusion therapy, ventilator care and management, pre- and post-operative care, catheter care and change, diabetes management and education, enterostomal therapy, wound care and/or dressing changes, oxygen therapy, IV lab draws and delivery to a local lab, and much more!


Call Comfort Health at 800-204-2332 or 507-281-2332 to make your appointment for skilled nursing care from a highly reputable, decades-old company. We specialize in caring for you and your loved ones in the Rochester, MN, area.

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