Skilled Home Health Care Nurses for Rochester, MN Visitors

Coming to Rochester, MN for medical reasons? Call upon Comfort Health for top-notch home health care nurses.

There are many reasons to travel to Rochester, Minnesota, but among the most common is Mayo Clinic. As the #1 hospital in the U.S., it’s no wonder so many patients travel to receive medical care here each year. Although it is a wonderful place for medical treatments, there are often medical needs that extend past your appointment time. Comfort Health provides skilled nursing services and home health aides in Rochester, MN and the surrounding communities.


Why the need?

Numerous medical procedures require extensive preparatory or follow-up care. From medication management, bathing, dressing wounds, or monitoring vitals, oftentimes patients and/or their companions do not have the necessary education or required equipment to handle these complex health situations. Thankfully, Comfort Health is able to travel to your hotel or lodging accommodation in Rochester, MN to provide the care needed before and after your Mayo Clinic visit.


Our Services

Comfort Health provides a variety of services to those visiting the Rochester area. Employing caregivers, LPNs, and RNs, we’re happy to travel to your hotel and provide comprehensive assessments, injection administration, INR testing, oxygen therapy, catheter care, diabetes management, medication management, wound care, pre- and post-operative care, IV lab draws (and delivery to your local lab!), ventilator care, and much more. Even if medical care isn’t your primary focus, we can help in other areas including toileting, companionship, personal care, nail care, skin care, and more! Our wide variety of service offerings is tailored to our patients’ unique needs as they travel to Rochester for either routine or complex medical care.


Why Comfort Health?

Comfort Health has provided home health services for many years in the Rochester area. A name trusted by many area visitors and residents, we can assure you that you’re trusting in the best by calling Comfort Health. With both skilled and unskilled nursing services, we’ll assess your needs to make sure you’re getting the exact services you need to complement your time at Mayo Clinic.


Comfort Health is exactly that – a healthcare agency motivated to keep you comfortable at all times during your medical visit. If you require home health services, skilled nursing, or unskilled nursing services, don’t hesitate to contact Comfort Health today! We’ll travel to all of the area hotels to meet you and care for you in all unique healthcare needs. Comfort Health ensures you have the peace of mind you need to focus on your Mayo Clinic visit – let us handle the rest. Call Comfort Health today to schedule a professional for your upcoming visit!

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