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Providing Independence for Your Loved Ones | Comfort Health Home Health Care in Rochester, MN

When the words “Home Health Care” are used, many may feel overwhelmed, scared, or think it is not an option due to financial reasons. Home health care allows a person with specific special needs such as skin ulcers caused by diabetes, post-surgical assistance, disabilities, or a chronic illness, to remain in their home. The staff at Comfort Health are well trained and highly educated to help whether you need care for a spouse, parent, child, friend, or yourself.

Although it may be difficult to enlist the help of a “stranger” to care for your loved one, home health care can be the best solution. It will alleviate the stress created by trying to provide care and giving your undivided attention while still holding a job, raising your own family, and just living life. Home health care will provide a variety of benefits and services to both the patient and the family including dressing, bathing, blood sugar testing, or assistance walking. Home health care decreases the risk of infections, keeps patients on track with physical and occupational therapy, and decreases the number of days spent in hospitals or nursing homes. The home health care team works closely with the patient’s specialist or primary care physician to develop a care plan that is both efficient and effective.

Assisted living facilities have grown in popularity over the past years. Comfort Health provides a three tiered service to their residents; housing, supportive services, and the availability of healthcare assistance 24/7. Apartments are available to lease on a monthly basis as well as assistance with laundry, meals, and other services. Their staff is available around the clock to provide these services and more to make your loved one feel comfortable and you to feel at ease knowing they are being cared for in a caring, loving, and compassionate manner.

If you are in the situation of finding home health care or assisted living services for someone you know or love, contact the team at Comfort Health today. Our team stands ready to assist you with the care you need, all while being compassionate and empathetic with the utmost respect. Give your loved one the chance to remain in their home or an assisted living facility instead of a nursing home. After all, they deserve their independence too.

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