Importance of Home Respiratory Care in Rochester, MN, After a Tracheostomy

Chronic pulmonary diseases are responsible for around 6% of deaths across the globe, and many other respiratory afflictions hold their place in damaging the health and quality of living in a significant number of lives. The symptoms and problems associated with these diseases often require specialty care and, in some cases, specific operations. Comfort Health provides comprehensive home respiratory care in Rochester, MN, for those who suffer from chronic pulmonary diseases.

Tracheal surgery, for example, demands intense post-op care to allow for complete healing as well as continued care and physical maintenance of the treated area. Tracheostomies are a prevalent example of how the treatment of chronic pulmonary diseases can affect your life after surgery. A trach tube and the opening made in the trachea opens blocked airways and gives those otherwise dependent on ventilators more freedom. However, a tracheostomy comes with very specific post-op self-care demands that require the right education. Comfort Health’s Pulmonary Care Team can provide in-home care and one-on-one instructions for tracheostomy patients.

In-Home Care

If you or your loved one recently underwent a tracheostomy and are struggling with post-surgery demands, our home health aides are here to help. In-home respiratory care is an important part of post-op recovery and long term maintenance. Our Pulmonary Care Team members provide expert in-home care and can catch early signs of post-op problems. Immediate home care minimizes the number of routine hospital trips and often prevents any unexpected hospitalizations due to post-op complications associated with incorrect care or neglect. Not only will having a respiratory care professional in your own home and collaborating with your doctor and family expedite the healing process after a tracheostomy or other pulmonary operation, it also gives you access to long term optimal care.

Education and Instruction

Our Pulmonary Care Team is also equipped to provide post-op patients with comprehensive instructions for self-care procedures. Team members also give patients and family members a complete education about post-op situations, daily maintenance, tracheostomies, trach tubes, and information about the respiratory system as a whole. With our in-home respiratory care, post-op patients and their families have access to a complete awareness of the conditions involved with a tracheostomy.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the high quality our in-home Pulmonary Care Team and home health aides can provide to post-op tracheostomy patients. For more information about the benefits of home respiratory care in Rochester, MN, contact Comfort Health at (507) 281-2332 today.

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