Prioritizing Home Safety and Quality Care with Companion Program

Feeling truly safe at home is essential for any Rochester, MN, adult’s overall quality of life. If you can’t go about your day without struggling with anxiety and concerns about your own well-being, it’s difficult to find the energy and courage to adequately manage your own self-care. At Comfort Health, we prioritize home safety. For adults in need of support, this means that our companion program may be the perfect remedy to your struggles at home.


Living alone or independently as an adult can be risky if have a chronic condition, a recent health concern, or physical limitations due to age or other factors. When every task begins to feel like a risk, you can feel overwhelmed and stressed tackling each new day. This is especially true whether you live alone by choice or by a recent life event. But with the aid of our consistent companion program, you can regain your sense of control and rebuild healthy routines.


Our team of companions can assist with everything from completing daily tasks and errands to accompanying our clients to medical appointments. Our services include anything from reading aloud, walking outdoors, managing personal schedules, or accompanying clients to various appointments. Companionship is a powerful medicine all on its own, and thanks to our trained companion program staff members, you or your loved one can feel secure and supported at home as well as out in the world.


There’s no shame in needing a bit more help around your house, no matter your current health or age. Our companion program team is ready and eager to lend a hand regardless of where you are in your health journey. Home safety comes in many different forms, and the needs of each person varies widely based on personal comfort and lifestyle changes.  With our medically trained personnel, you can rest assured that you or your loved ones are in excellent care that is perfectly suited to your needs.


Rochester, MN, area individuals looking for companion program details can reach out to Comfort Health today. Adults in need of home safety support can call now at (507) 281-2332 or contact us online today.