When and Why Post-Hospitalization Care is Needed and the Importance of Home Health Aides in Rochester, MN

As we age, our bodies become more prone to damage from disease, physical trauma, or general wear and tear which can put one in the hospital for major treatments or surgeries. While this hospitalization is crucial for restoring the health and wellbeing of you or your loved one, it can be difficult to adjust back to a daily routine after a hospitalization period. Comfort Health offers comprehensive post-hospitalization care for your recovery with our expert, professional home health aides in Rochester, MN.


Knowing when you need post-hospitalization care is important to maintain your health and wellbeing after a hospital stay, but it can be difficult to differentiate between the times you can recuperate with the help of your loved ones and when you need temporary at-home professional health care. The following includes some broad examples of when you may need post-hospitalization care:


  • Post-hospitalization care is recommended after a hospital stay for pneumonia or other major respiratory infections. In the hospital, it’s likely you or your loved one received intravenous fluids and medications, and adjusting back to supporting hydration and taking medication orally can be difficult. Relapse is also extremely likely without the right care and circumstances. Our home health aides provide the optimal healing situation in the comfort of your home.
  • Any cases where you or your loved one underwent surgery, either major or minor, require post-hospitalization care. Anesthesia can affect the body for several days after a surgery, and many elderly need longer recovery times with more intensive care after surgery than their younger counterparts. Comfort Health can be there for you or your loved with professional home health aides until full adjustment back to the daily routine is met.
  • Hospital stays for many other infections, including infections of the blood, bladder, skin, liver, kidneys, and more, also call for professional post-hospitalization care in the home. Most of these infections require different recovery processes, and our home health care professionals can give the specific care and treatment required.
  • Any cancer patients undergoing ongoing chemotherapy treatments can also benefit greatly from post-hospitalization care with our home health aides. Chemotherapy is an extremely aggressive treatment process, and it can damage a patient’s daily routine and quality of life. Home health aides can give that extra bit of care you or your loved one needs while undergoing chemotherapy.


If you have questions about whether you or your loved one may need professional post-hospitalization care or home care for any other reason, contact Comfort Health today at (507) 281-2332 to learn more about our home health aides in Rochester, MN.

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