Diabetes Management at Home During Lockdown

In the midst of significant global and national changes, many Rochester, MN area adults have needed to alter and restructure their daily routines. Being stuck at home or forced to change some habits, however, doesn’t mean your diabetes management can take a backseat. Comfort Health offers diabetes management tools as well as certified health professions who can help you make a plan and stay healthy at home.


Maintaining an appropriate diabetic diet can make a significant impact on your quality of life and daily comfort, but creating a diabetic dietary plan can require trial and error and an understanding that the details vary from person to person. Generally speaking, introducing healthy carbs, foods high in fiber, and some healthy fats to your diet is a good starting point, but the details beyond that can feel unclear.


If you’re not sure where to start, consulting with a diabetes management expert like the health care managers with Comfort Health can help you jumpstart your new diabetic diet plan. Being stuck at home is a great chance to experiment with what types of foods make you feel your best. Plus, it’s also a good time to introduce light exercise or regular activity into your daily schedule. Many exercises that contribute to diabetes management are perfectly suited to life indoors.


It’s important to remember that like diabetic diets, proper at-home exercise also varies from person to person. But for diabetes management, the benefits of regular exercise cannot be overstated. Regardless of age, duration of one’s condition, or severity of your diagnosis, incorporating simple movement such as regular walking into your schedule can be an easy way to extend your life and lessen daily symptoms. Care needs to be taken to introduce new diet changes and exercise gradually so you can gauge what works and what doesn’t. Diabetes management is a very individual experience, and in order to reap the most benefits, you’ll likely have to try more than one technique.


Regardless of where you are in your diabetes journey, Comfort Health can help. Our certified nurses and healthcare professionals can assist with medication management, diabetic diet planning, care plan management, exercise routine planning, and all aspects of your diabetes management needs.


If you’re in need of condition management assistance or are looking for information on how to create a diabetic diet that suits your current lifestyle, contact Comfort Health to talk with a professional about diabetes management. Being stuck at your Rochester, MN, home doesn’t have to mean being inactive, and taking your diabetes management into your own hands is a great way to feel in control during a difficult time. Call us today at (507) 281-2332 or visit our website for additional care options and details.

Improving Quality of Care with Medication Management Support from Registered Nurses

In uncertain times such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining routine is important in order to facilitate a feeling of well-being and normalcy. When your routine includes vital medication, the need to maintain a schedule becomes even more essential. The registered nurses with Comfort Health in Rochester, MN, offer medication management services to help you and your loved ones stay on track and safely manage your prescription drugs whether you’re stuck at home or trying to keep a work schedule in the midst of daily chaos.


Medication management can be difficult even when everything else in life is “normal” and fairly predictable. In these unpredictable times, keeping track of prescription refills, handling updates, and even just remembering to take your doses regularly can all be a struggle. And, if you’re an individual with memory issues or are assisting a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, medication management is vital.


The importance of effective medication management cannot be overstated. Inconsistent medication management can lead to side effects such as the decreased effectiveness of the drug or the return of symptoms that the prescribed medications are supposed to be treating. In some instances, uneven dosages of prescription drugs can decrease your quality of life or lead to a worsening of your health conditions; and in severe cases, can even lead to injury or death. Medication management assistance can alleviate these health risks and simplify your care process with excellent professional support.


Our registered nurses at Comfort Health are trained to work with your physicians to help you and your loved ones maintain essential meds, and to ensure consistent and quality care at home. Our nurses assist with medication reviews, assessments, and adjustments to carefully cater to the medical needs of every individual we work with. Our registered nurses always prioritize the comfort and safety of each client and what each one needs in order to thrive independently.


If you or your loved ones in the Rochester, MN, area are in need of medication management assistance from one of our registered nurses, give Comfort Health a call to find out more information. You can inquire today by calling (507) 281-2332 or by visiting our website for additional care options and details.

Supporting Vulnerable Adults with Home Health Care

The term vulnerable adult encompasses a surprisingly large portion of the population in Rochester, MN. In general terms, it may mean adults who are confined to their homes, adults with mobility issues, or simply adults who are immunocompromised and require careful care and attention. None of these factors should in any way impede individuals from leading full, healthy, and happy lives, and the home health care professionals here at Comfort Health are dedicated to ensuring that that remains possible for every individual.


Finding balance at home as an adult with vulnerable conditions can be a struggle due to the amount of energy required to accomplish everyday tasks. Even if you are able to handle the bulk of daily activities and home management, you can feel drained from the effort or unable to effectively participate in other activities the rest of the day. In order to mitigate excessive stress and minimize injury at home, our home health care professionals and registered nurses can help delegate or handle tasks that are important, but physically or mentally taxing.


The registered nurses and home health care professionals at Comfort Health are trained to monitor each individual’s condition and needs in order to provide care that will act as a complement to a fully functional life at home. This may include assistance with daily tasks around the house, medication check-ins, wound management and dressing, and just about any health care assistance that is difficult to manage without additional support. A registered nurse will be assigned to you or your loved one to facilitate care and guarantee that all home health care professionals have the tools and knowledge to support any household in need.


In the midst of the current widespread healthcare crisis, having health care professionals you can rely on is even more vital. All of our staff are trained in up-to-date procedures and expectations regarding quality of care for vulnerable or immunocompromised adults. With the cooperation of our registered nursing team, our home health care aides and experts can make life in your house feel like home again.


For home health care assistance for vulnerable adults in Rochester, MN, contact Comfort Health by calling (507) 281-2332 or by visiting our website today.

Being Heart-Health Aware for Cardiac Condition Management

As we age, our bodies tend to adjust to the natural progression of time in different ways. For some adults, very few lifestyle changes need to be made as these adjustments occur. For others, however, increasing bodily awareness is key to living a long and healthy life.


This is especially true for adults who have cardiac conditions or inconsistent heart health. At Comfort Health, our registered nurses can offer health assessments, skilled nursing services, and lifestyle management skills in the comfort of your Rochester, MN, home to help you and your heart thrive in every stage of your life.


Some signs of cardiac conditions may include shortness of breath, chest pain, rapid or sluggish heartbeats, lightheadedness, and swelling. Because the symptoms vary so widely and can differ based on genetics, sex, and medical history, having an individualized plan can be vital for your health. Identifying concerning symptoms and having a system assessment performed can be a great first step towards consistent heart health.


Maintaining heart health isn’t always as simple as eating a heart healthy breakfast cereal every day. Diet, exercise, individual medication plans, and regular checkups are all part of a heart healthy life, and depending upon your needs, these steps may vary. Finding a healthy balance in your life can be difficult, especially when it means changing your routine. With the assistance of our registered nurses and skilled nursing services, you can find a balance that works for you long-term.


Our skilled nursing team can assist you and your loved ones with performing regular heart health assessments and, depending upon your needs, visit your home for check ins and home health care. Putting your heart health first can reassure loved ones, restore consistency to your day-to-day experience, and help add years to your life.


If you or a loved one in Rochester, MN, has heart health concerns or is in need of skilled nursing services, contact Comfort Health today at (507) 281-2332, or visit our website today.

Find the Support You Need in Professional Health Companion Services

Transitioning into late adulthood is a complex process, even if you’re in exceptional health. Simple tasks may become more taxing, leaving home can feel increasingly stressful, and finding balance among your friends, family, and time to yourself can begin to take an emotional toll.


None of these necessarily indicate an inherent problem with your day-to-day living, but over time they can become unexpectedly exacerbated. The health companion services offered by Comfort Health’s home safety specialists in Rochester, MN, can help mitigate these concerns and ensure that you feel comfortable and secure at home and in your everyday life.


Our companion services are about more than simply having a friend to talk to throughout the day, though that’s a benefit as well. Each of our health companion service providers can offer assistance with household tasks such as pursuing personal hobbies, mobility, reading, and more. Even if you’re comfortable and capable of handling these activities, if you find yourself overly tired after performing them, you may benefit from an in-home companion service.


If you feel secure at home but are committed to improving some aspect of your health, our companion services can help you create and execute a variety of health-conscious action plans. Taking your personal needs and schedule into account, we offer assistance in maintaining restorative exercise routines, scheduling and acting as accompaniment to appointments, or simply joining you as you walk around your neighborhood. Our companion service professionals are invested in your ability to feel and be autonomous while still receiving the support you need.


We also believe that the power of companionship can’t be underestimated. Companion services through Comfort Health provide strong connections for adults who may benefit from additional emotional support. This may entail conversation, counseling, memory assistance, or more, depending upon each person’s individual needs. Our health companions are compassionate, friendly, and eager to lend a hand or an ear.


If you or your loved ones are interested in additional daily support or assistance, Comfort Health’s professional health companion services may be what you’re looking for. Rochester, MN, area residents can call us at (507) 281-2332 or contact us today.

Exploring Personalized Diabetes Management for New and Life-Long Diabetics

Diabetes management comes in many different forms thanks to the wide range of people living with diabetes. Some adults who have been coping with their diabetes all their lives likely have experienced any number of technological advancements and new management styles. But for those who are well versed as well as others in the early stages, including the pre-diabetic, there is always more to learn about personal diabetes management.


Regardless of which stage of your diabetic journey you’re currently in, Comfort Health in Rochester, MN, understands that management must be adaptable to all ages, stages of health, and lifestyles in order to best help our patients thrive. Our diabetes management experts are here to expertly guide you towards a healthier tomorrow.


A significant part of management is understanding the power of diabetic diets. “Eating right” can mean a lot of different things depending upon your personal health, age, and what other conditions you may be struggling with, and adding diabetes into the mix may seem overwhelming or excessively complex.


With the help of our diabetes management experts, your needs can be met with personalized dietary plans. Diabetic diets don’t have to require a complete upheaval of your lifestyle, but they will likely take some getting used to, and having a diabetes management expert at your side can ease the transition.


Once you’re acclimated to a diabetic diet you may find that it’s the only major diabetes management you need to practice. For the pre-diabetic community or adults looking to lessen additional symptoms, introducing a specialized exercise plan can help as well. Most experts recommend at least 2 hours of moderate activity a week to assist with blood sugar management as well as lending to one’s overall wellbeing. Selecting an exercise for diabetes management can seem daunting, especially if you’re experiencing side effects or symptoms that make activity feel difficult. Consulting a management specialist before starting any rigorous program can help alleviate those anxieties as well as build new, healthy habits.


For some individuals, diabetes is preventable when the proper steps are taken. A diet change is often in order, but regular exercise can help reduce symptoms as well. The right plan can divert patients from a path that may lead them to diabetes or health-related consequences in the future. Some other forms of management such as additional education regarding blood pressure, blood sugar, and insulin usage may also be in order. With a diabetes management professional, you can receive assistance with all of this and more.


If you’re a Rochester, MN, area resident struggling with diabetes, interested in developing a personalized diabetic diet, or are having difficulty moving forward with your current plan, please visit our website or contact our diabetes management experts at Comfort Health today at (507) 281-2332 to discover your next steps.

Finding a Satisfying Home-Life Balance with Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy, contrary to what many think its name implies, does not necessarily revolve around your professional life. With a focus on adaptive techniques and flexible therapeutic methods, occupational therapy is really about reclaiming control over your daily life. By working with our occupational therapists at Comfort Health, Rochester, MN, residents can find satisfaction and independence at home and while living and thriving in their daily lives.


Sometimes finding ways to feel and be productive can be a struggle. Whether you’re finding difficulty adapting to a recent physical condition or are an older adult hoping to optimize your daily tasks, occupational therapy can offer tools, education, and personalized training to help you accomplish everything you want in your daily or professional life. Comfort Health’s occupational therapists focus on instructing and guiding independent adults in a variety of productive and therapeutic tasks. This can include mastering home and office chores with physically adaptive strategies or learning to utilize modern technologies to help simplify the strenuous activities.


It’s also important to remember that the benefits of occupational therapy go beyond the physical. The mental benefits of mastering productive skills and retaking ownership of your life are immeasurable. Recognizing your ability to continue to grow and experience the world regardless of what cards you’re dealt is empowering in more than one way. Each of our occupational therapy sessions is carefully suited to your needs and personal goals, and with regular appointments our occupational therapists can help you reduce stress, fatigue, and frustration while gaining new and versatile skills.


If you or a loved one is struggling to complete tasks at home or are interested in expanding your skill sets, contact Comfort Health’s occupational therapy team at (507) 281-2332 or by visiting our website. Rochester, MN, residents can find assistance and guidance with our individualized occupational therapy options today.

Making Wound Management Simple and Safe with Consistent Home Treatment

Living with chronic wounds can be an ongoing frustration for active adults. Worrying about infections, necrosis, mobility issues, or even simple aesthetics can all lend to a condition that stifles normal day-to-day life and limits a person’s possibilities. And perhaps, even worse, chronic wounds can be mentally and physically overwhelming. At Comfort Health in Rochester, MN, our health practitioners understand that wound management is about more than clean bandages (though that does play a role), and we do our best to facilitate personalized and health-forward care plans to simplify wound management and make living with chronic wounds easier.


Anyone who has been living with chronic wounds for some time likely already knows that basic wound care includes keeping the injured area clean, changing wrappings, and receiving regular check-ins. But, perhaps unexpectedly, factors such as maintaining good nutrition also play a part in the wound management and recovery process. Even if you take every other step to keep your wounds clean and compressed, malnutrition may still be detrimental to the healing process. Because of complex factors such as receiving proper nutrients and the threat of infection, having a dedicated health practitioner assist with wound management can be extremely beneficial to the wound recovery process.


Since so many aspects of chronic wound management are more complex than they appear on the surface, you can easily feel overwhelmed by all of the struggles that wound care can pose. Regardless of whether you’re caring for your own wounds or the wounds of another, there is often a level of stress or fear associated with any aspect of open wound care. It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed by the process, but it’s also just as normal, and encouraged, to ask for help when you need it. Instead of letting chronic wounds dictate the course of your day or even your life, consider reaching out to home health professionals who can help guide you through the healing process.


One of the best things adults with chronic wounds can do for themselves is to become an expert on their own condition. This includes staying informed about modern wound management techniques and keeping an open line of communication with their nurse or home health assistant. Any significant changes in the condition or progress of your wounds should be checked carefully and evaluated by a medical professional. This prevents wounds from worsening and also can help restore a sense of normalcy and calm to your life.


Comfort Health’s trained health practitioners make chronic wound management comfortable and simple. If you or a loved one in the Rochester, MN, area are struggling with chronic wound management, contact Comfort Health’s expert team of health professionals today at (507) 281-2332 or visit our website for additional information.


How Our Home Health Aides Contribute to a Better Quality of Life for Those Living with Chronic Illnesses

Coping with a chronic illness, whether newly diagnosed or longstanding and familiar, adds a layer of complexity to just about everything you do. Even if your symptoms are moderate from day to day, sometimes just living your daily life can feel like a struggle.


At Comfort Health, we understand that for many adults living with chronic illnesses, living at home is a priority. Our home health aides are expertly trained in unobtrusive and comprehensive home care to ensure that you can live your life on your terms in Rochester, MN.


Sometimes living with a chronic illness means having to make compromises with yourself about what can get done in a day. However, Comfort Health’s home health aides firmly believe that you shouldn’t need to compromise your standard of self-care while living with a chronic illness. Fully licensed and trained, our home health aides offer a variety of vital home services such as grooming assistance, wound care, mobility assistance, and more. Even better, they offer them on your schedule.


Whether you require assistance daily, weekly, or on a different timeline entirely, we strive to support your independent needs. In fact, each patient care plan is crafted and curated by the client with the assistance of a registered nurse. Whether you’re residing in assisted living, living with family, or living in your own home, we meet our patients where they need us. Chronic illness can be unpredictable and frustrating, but our home health aides can add reliability back into your daily life.


Deciding to rely on the assistance of home health aides can feel like a weighty choice when you’ve been coping on your own for some time. It’s important to remember that our aides treat all of their patients with respect and dignity. We understand that you have a life to live, and it’s our goal to help you live it to the fullest.


If you’re interested in home health aide services, have a loved one in need of assistance at home, or are looking for support for your chronic illness in Rochester, MN, contact Comfort Health today at (507) 281-2332 or visit our website to learn more about home health aide services.

Considering Companion Care Services in Rochester, MN?

Growing old can be difficult, but it’s inevitable that all of us will need new kinds of care as we age. Companionship, home safety, wellness—these are essentials to maintain. Comfort Health in Rochester, MN, can help you and loved ones find the services you need.


Companion Care. Everyone would love to be available to care for their elderly parents or loved ones, but often this simply is not an option. Parents might be hesitant to ask their children for help, don’t want to burden others with their care or loneliness, and simply do not like to talk about (or admit) any health or emotional issues they may be experiencing. That’s why companion care can be very beneficial to the health and wellbeing of senior family members. Perhaps your loved one is still completely independent but could use a helping hand with light household chores or someone to visit with. Companion care services can help by spending time with them and keeping them socially engaged.


When seniors find that they have many medical appointments and need assistance with transportation, companion care services are there to help. They assist with reminders of appointments, provide emotional support, get them involved in activities if the client desires, and will support them with friendly conversations and light housework if needed.


Home safety. Having an elderly loved one who lives a distance away can be challenging, leaving you worrying about the safety of them in their own home. Falls worry anyone with an elderly parent. Companion care services can give you the peace of mind to know your loved one is in good helping hands.


Wellness program. Having your loved one enrolled in a wellness program can be a substantial benefit. Symptoms of osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis can all be minimized with a wellness program. For example, regular physical activity, social interactions, and a healthy diet are all factors in decreasing symptoms of hypertension and diabetes. Additionally, an exercise and wellness program can help alleviate the pain and swelling of osteoporosis and arthritis.


If your loved one could use a helping, caring hand in the Rochester, MN, area, contact Comfort Health. Companions are matched individually, and we take great care to ensure it’s a good match. Contact us today by calling (507) 281-2332 or using our easy contact form to determine which services will fit your family member’s needs.