Our Home Health Aides Will Provide Personal Hygiene Help for Your Loved One in Rochester, MN

Poor personal hygiene is often the first sign that your aging spouse, parent, or other loved one could use the assistance of Comfort Health’s home health care services. Based in Rochester, MN, Comfort Health’s kind, patient, and highly qualified home health aides can provide your loved one with give them the extra help that he or she needs on a regular basis in his or her home environment.

Relying on others to bathe or otherwise groom their bodies can be a humiliating process for many elderly people. But, aAt Comfort Health, our aides are trained to provide grooming services with the utmost care and respect.

Based on each patient’s individual needs, here is a sampling of the high-quality personal hygiene services we provide.

Nail Care. Nails undergo a significant number of changes as we age, in the elderly, including discoloration, increased curvature, and a 40% reduction in the growth rate. They might also become very brittle, peel, crack, and/or become ridged and brittle. Our home health aides will perform simple manicures and pedicures on your loved one’s hands and feet, with an emphasis on nail trimming and applying lots of moisturizing cream or lotion.

Oral Care. Likewise, an elderly person’s teeth undergo changes. To help maintain them, our home health aides will gently brush your loved one’s teeth on all sides with a soft-bristle brush and fluoride toothpaste. They’ll also brush the tongue to keep the mouth clean and follow up with flossing and an oral rinse.

Bathing Care. Our home health aid can assist your loved one with bathing every few days. Bathing every day may be too harsh on an elderly person’s skin. When needed, we will gently bathe your loved one, and then towel them dry, him or her and then carefully apply an ample amount of moisture over their entire body. This will help prevent dryness and provide the therapeutic benefit of a light massage.

Shaving Care. If your loved one has started cutting himself or herself with a razor while shaving, it may be time to rely on a Comfort Health home care aide for assistance. Whether it’s a man’s face and neck or a woman’s legs and/or underarm area, we will carefully prepare the area that’s to be shaved with warm water. Then, we will gently removal all excess hair and follow up with a lotion, cream, or shaving tonic.

Call Comfort Health at 800-204-2332 or 507-281-2332 to make your appointment for home health care services from a highly reputable, caring, and decades-old company. Our specialty is caring for you and your loved ones in the Rochester, MN, area.


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