The Power of Occupational Therapy for Adults Struggling at Home

Taking the steps necessary to feel in control or independent at home isn’t always a straight, one-way road. Recovery and adaptation are inherently dotted with detours, but learning how to navigate the winding path and finding routes that work for you is possible with a little help. For some Rochester, MN adults this may mean solutions found via Comfort Health’s therapy services. Our occupational therapy options can supplement the needs of adults who are struggling to manage their life at home.


Our occupational therapy services include everything from daily tasks such as eating, bathing, and getting dressed, to more complex skills such as chores or care regimens. The therapy process can entail a wide range of services including education, training, and management guidance for at-home living. Each session is catered to meet the needs and mobility of every individual patient as they are guided by our medical professionals towards consistent care.


The needs of adults living at home vary widely and can sometimes be difficult to identify. Because of this, occupational therapy is initiated following a thorough evaluation. Our medical professionals work one-on-one with adults in order to help pinpoint where work can be done. Once those essential needs are identified, therapy services are carefully catered in order to develop a gradual and lasting care plan.


Occupational therapy can support adults struggling with chronic illness or other debilitating conditions as well as older adults adapting to differing physical abilities. Our therapy services evaluation can help determine equipment needs, adaptive routines, and cognitive assistance. No matter where you or your loved one is in the recovery process, our occupational therapy team can help.


For additional information on our therapy services or details about occupation therapy, Rochester, MN residents can call us at (507) 281-2332 or contact us online. Comfort Health wants to support you and the ones you love to help find balance and consistency in your daily lives. Taking command of your life starts at home – take that first step and reach out to us today.