Check Off Items From Your Memory Care Facility Search Through Comfort Health in Rochester, MN

 Having a loved one with memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s can be quite stressful. How can I care for them? Do I need to find a care center? What is the environment like in the care center?  Will the transition be easy? These are all important questions to ask to ensure the well-being of the loved one as well as the health and safety of the family member caring for them. Comfort Health in Rochester, MN, provides memory care services and will ensure you and your loved one receive professional and compassionate care every hour of every day. Check off items from your memory care facility search through Comfort Health.

The decision to place your loved one in a memory care facility can be agonizing and is critical to their well-being. Know what questions to ask and what to look for when beginning your search:

  1. What does the environment feel like? Is it welcoming and cozy so they will feel at home?
  2. Does the staff interact with the patients and with each other? If so, is the interaction warm and sincere?
  3. Are there activities to engage the residents and items to attract their attention?
  4. Are staff members trained in providing excellent care to patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s?
  5. Time spent with patients. Do staff members take the time to work with the patient or do they seem rushed and overwhelmed?
  6. Staff to patient ratio. What is the ratio of staff to patients so that appropriate time can be spent caring and giving attention to your loved one?
  7. Support for family members. Is support available for family members and are care conferences held regularly?

These are a few of the questions to get started when searching and finding the perfect memory care center for your loved one. At Comfort Health, we understand how difficult it may be for you and your loved one to “let go” and “move on.” That’s why we’re here to provide you with the best service, giving the most compassionate care 24/7/365. We provide complex, skilled nursing and home health care 24 hours a day for patients with memory loss. Our highly skilled and trained staff also offer specialized care and provide assistance with the daily cares of your loved one.

Contact us today by calling toll free (800) 204-2332, local (507) 281-2332, or view our memory care services here. Check off items from your memory care facility search through Comfort Health in Rochester, MN.

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