Medication Management for Memory Affected Adults

Memory is in many ways the roadmap that guides our lives. Once memory begins to fade, whether it’s naturally with the passage of time or due to underlying conditions, it can impact every aspect of your daily life. For adults who take prescribed medication, memory difficulties can even disrupt medication-assisted condition maintenance or recovery. Because of this, ensuring that your Rochester, MN area loved ones are taken care of and safe may mean requesting medication management services. At Comfort Health our memory care experts offer medication management in order to facilitate consistent quality of life and uninterrupted, quality care.


Medication management is an aspect of healthcare that seems simplistic on the surface but can prove difficult for individuals struggling with memory conditions or other factors. Depending upon the type of medication in question it may need to be stored in a certain way, administered with specific techniques, or taken on a regular and un-interrupted schedule. If even a single part of this routine is disrupted, it may lead to lags in recovery or even regression and re-emergence of symptoms.


Consistent treatment leads to a faster and more constant recovery. With medication management assistance, our care teams can support you and your loved ones until a full recovery has been realized or in order to manage chronic and ongoing conditions. Our services are catered carefully to individuals in need of memory care as well as independent adults looking to create and maintain safe medication plans.


Regardless of how your medication management difficulties manifest, our health care professionals can help. Our registered nurses work closely with your physician to provide well rounded and expertly catered care. We assist with maintaining schedules, medication administration, log keeping, medication change requests, and more.


If you or a loved one are in need of memory care assistance or medication management services, Comfort Health has the medical care team you need. Rochester, MN area residents can call (507) 281-2332 or contact us online today for more information to begin memory care and medication management care.