Maintaining Independence with Age through Occupational Therapy in Rochester, MN

There comes a time in any adult’s life when they begin to feel uncomfortable with living at the level of independence they’ve had for years. Feeling uneasy with your current living situation and ability to function independently in everyday life is a normal symptom of many different situations, including aging, injury, illness, and more. At Comfort Health, we offer programs that assist those struggling with maintaining independence through our occupational therapy in Rochester, MN.

Occupational therapy covers a wide range of issues that may prevent an adult from living independently day-to-day. If you are struggling with your responsibilities and ability to care for yourself, our occupational therapists determine your needs and help you recover your agency in several areas.


Daily life is improved with occupational therapy in many ways. Our therapists can work with you to strengthen or relearn activities of daily life such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, socializing, and aspects of home maintenance.


Self-care is a crucial part of life, and the ability to care for your health and hygiene is an large part of maintaining your independence with age. Comfort Health occupational therapists help you regain control over your self-care and emphasize the importance of being able to feed, bathe, and clothe yourself each day.


Driving is still an option for many elderly people, but if you are unable to drive because of a non-permanent physical or mental state, it can be incredibly detrimental to your independence. Our occupational therapy helps those who wish to get back into the driver’s seat and maintain their mobility and autonomy.


Exercise is often one of the first parts of adult life to be neglected with age. However, exercise is necessary to maintain physical health and mental balance, even when age makes daily exercise difficult. With Comfort Health occupational therapy, you can begin to take advantage of the benefits of daily exercise.


Rest and sleep is also an aspect of daily life needed to maintain independence with age. If you are struggling with getting adequate sleep each night for physical or mental reasons, our therapists can help you overcome this problem, helping you wake up each morning well rested.

With Comfort Health’s programs for occupational therapy in Rochester, MN, you can expect recovery from many different health issues and comprehensive assistance in maintaining independence with age. Contact us at (507) 281-2332 today for more information.

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