Benefits of IV-Based Treatments Using Infusion Therapy in Rochester, MN

Hospitals are important places for recovery from a large number of ailments and for specialized treatments that can’t be done with in-home care, but there’s no denying the fact that many people find hospitals to be uncomfortable places. Not only do treatments in hospitals take you out of the safe space of your home and away from your loved ones, but the hospital setting itself can also be unwelcoming and unsettling. Because hospitals can be so discomforting, both emotionally and physically, Comfort Health places great importance on performing health care procedures at home whenever possible. One important procedure that our health care professionals can assist with at home is IV-treatment infusion therapy in Rochester, MN.

Infusion therapy has been widely acknowledged as a highly effective treatment method for many different conditions, including chronic diseases, fungal, viral, and bacterial infections, vitamin deficiencies, and dehydration.

What is infusion therapy?  

Infusion therapy is based on the concept of applying solutions directly to the patient’s bloodstream. Using an intravenous (IV) needle and a solution of the patient’s prescribed treatment mixed with saline water, a medication or supplement can be directly released into the bloodstream. The solution created for infusion therapy is done using a specialized infusion pump that effectively renders the treatment into an IV-ready form, safe for at-home treatments.

What makes infusion therapy so beneficial?

Because infusion therapy introduces medications and supplements directly to the bloodstream, the procedure has a number of benefits:

  1. Infusion therapy, first and foremost, works much more quickly than many other forms of medical treatment.
  2. Because infusion therapy bypasses your digestive system, heading directly into your bloodstream, the process of treatment can be more easily monitored than other forms of treatment. Those needing routine treatment often have gastrointestinal problems going hand-in-hand with their diagnosis, and infusion therapy gives a pure treatment without the negative side effects caused by digesting a treatment taken by mouth.
  3. Infusion therapy also has fewer negative side effects throughout treatment. The direct application limits the loss of a dosage as the body processes the treatment and avoids symptoms of gastrointestinal distress caused by digesting medications taken by mouth.
  4. Infusion therapy with Comfort Health allows you to heal and continue routine treatments within the comfort of your home, relieving stress and providing an environment that allows you heal more quickly overall.

For more information about your options for at-home care with infusion therapy in Rochester, MN, contact Comfort Health at (507) 281-2332 for professional health care programs and services.

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