Live a Normal Life in the Comfort of Your Own Home with In-Home Therapy Services through Comfort Health in Rochester, MN

Finding yourself in need of in-home therapy services and don’t know where to turn? Perhaps you have an aging parent who recently suffered a stroke and needs occupational or physical therapy, or a child with medical issues needing speech or physical therapy. Look no further than Comfort Health in Rochester, MN. Live a normal life in the comfort of your own home with in-home therapy services through Comfort Health.

It’s often a challenge to get to an office for therapy because of illness, transportation, child care, or personal reasons, even though therapy is necessary for the wellbeing of yourself or a loved one. That’s where in-home therapy helps overcome these obstacles and gets you healing and back on your feet in no time. The benefits of home-based therapy are many, including:

  • Our therapists will evaluate you or your loved one to determine the need for any equipment that may be required as well as work to retrain and educate the client
  • Occupational therapy may be challenging to get to. With in-home therapy, our therapists come to the client, making them feel at home and at ease so they can work diligently to get back on their feet and functional again. This also helps boost self-confidence
  • In-home physical therapy helps your loved one regain strength, movement, and coordination to maximize their overall function and wellbeing
  • Speech therapy allows the client to remain in their home while building better communication skills to learn how to improve their speech and language
  • Family members are kept informed of progress and setbacks, if any, and in-home therapy allows them to be with their loved one to offer support and encouragement

If you’re in a situation where a loved one needs occupational, physical, or speech therapy, contact Comfort Health in Rochester, MN, today. Our goal is to get you or your loved one back to living a normal life in the comfort of their own home. Comfort Health strives to bring comfort home, and we’re dedicated to providing home care with dignity, quality, comfort, and integrity.

Contact Comfort Health in Rochester, MN, today by calling (507) 281-2332, or searching Comfort Health. Live a normal life in the comfort of your own home with in-home therapy services through Comfort Health.

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