Improving Quality of Care with Medication Management Support from Registered Nurses

In uncertain times such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining routine is important in order to facilitate a feeling of well-being and normalcy. When your routine includes vital medication, the need to maintain a schedule becomes even more essential. The registered nurses with Comfort Health in Rochester, MN, offer medication management services to help you and your loved ones stay on track and safely manage your prescription drugs whether you’re stuck at home or trying to keep a work schedule in the midst of daily chaos.


Medication management can be difficult even when everything else in life is “normal” and fairly predictable. In these unpredictable times, keeping track of prescription refills, handling updates, and even just remembering to take your doses regularly can all be a struggle. And, if you’re an individual with memory issues or are assisting a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, medication management is vital.


The importance of effective medication management cannot be overstated. Inconsistent medication management can lead to side effects such as the decreased effectiveness of the drug or the return of symptoms that the prescribed medications are supposed to be treating. In some instances, uneven dosages of prescription drugs can decrease your quality of life or lead to a worsening of your health conditions; and in severe cases, can even lead to injury or death. Medication management assistance can alleviate these health risks and simplify your care process with excellent professional support.


Our registered nurses at Comfort Health are trained to work with your physicians to help you and your loved ones maintain essential meds, and to ensure consistent and quality care at home. Our nurses assist with medication reviews, assessments, and adjustments to carefully cater to the medical needs of every individual we work with. Our registered nurses always prioritize the comfort and safety of each client and what each one needs in order to thrive independently.


If you or your loved ones in the Rochester, MN, area are in need of medication management assistance from one of our registered nurses, give Comfort Health a call to find out more information. You can inquire today by calling (507) 281-2332 or by visiting our website for additional care options and details.