Benefits of Post-Hospitalization Support with Professional Home Health Aides in Rochester, MN

As we get older, it’s unavoidable for health issues to become more and more of a problem. Senior citizens, and even those in their late middle age, often find that hospitalization may not be as unfamiliar a concept as it was in the past. Though it can be difficult to accept the discomfort and trauma of hospitalization, the event is beneficial in the end. After hospitalization, however, it can sometimes be even more trying to adjust into the rhythm of self-care and self-support. That’s why Comfort Health provides professional post-hospitalization support and home health aides in Rochester, MN.

Whether you’ve undergone a minor health treatment or a major surgery, returning home after a stay at the hospital can be incredibly trying. Our home health aides provide full service assistance to help our clients with post-hospitalization difficulties.

Liaison: Our clients may have been released from in-hospital care, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely recovered from their ailments. Often the healing process takes weeks, and during that time, our home skilled nurses act as liaisons between the patient and the hospital. Having a health professional in your home communicating directly with the hospital improves your healing process by mimicking in-hospital care within the comfort of your home.

 Testing: Our home health aides are qualified for testing blood sugar, vitals, PT/INR, weight, and more. Daily testing is crucial for comprehensive healing and post-hospitalization support at home. Essentially, Comfort Health’s home health aides provide accurate testing equal to the testing you would receive in the hospital.

 Daily care: When you’ve just been released from the hospital, and even throughout your healing process, it can be physically difficult to perform the daily health care your body needs. Our skilled home nurses and home health aides provide daily care such as wound dressing, skin care, nail care, catheter care, and general hygiene care. These daily necessities must be attended to speed the healing process along.

 Treatments: Self-care after hospitalization can also be difficult depending on the type of treatment your ailment demands. Our home health aides provide comprehensive treatments tailored to your medical condition including administering medications, providing infusion therapy, medication reminders, and overall physical treatment care.

If post-hospitalization support with our health professionals sounds right for you, contact Comfort Health at (507) 281-2332 for more information about our home health aides in Rochester, MN.

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