Helpful Tips for Moving Your Loved One to an Assisted-Living Facility in Rochester, MN

Putting the needs of your parent or other loved one first should be at the forefront of the decision to move him or her into an assisted-living facility in Rochester, MN. One way to do that is to continue the care he or she has been receiving at home by a highly qualified home health aide. If you or your loved one is utilizing the wonderful services of Rochester’s Comfort Health home health agency, you can continue to receive the fine care you’ve received at home at your new assisted-living facility.

Seeing that continuity of care is implemented is one way to help you or a loved one make the transition to an assisted-living facility. Here are several other helpful suggestions for making the move go smoothly for everyone:

Know the total square footage of your new home by measuring the space. Compare this number to the total square footage of your current home to give you an idea of how many of your possessions can be moved to your new place.

As many assisted-living apartments are smaller than stand-alone homes, it may be necessary to give some of your items to loved ones or to donate them to your favorite local charity. Don’t rush these important decisions. Enlist your family’s help in deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. Move items to your new home that are the most comforting, well-liked, and hold sentimental value.

Hold an estate or yard sale to help eliminate items that you and your family don’t want or don’t have the room to store. Consider donating any remaining items that could be used by someone else after the sale is over.

Enlist the help of loved ones to set up and decorate your new home. Often, seniors find great comfort in placing items in areas similar to where they used to be. For example, if you’ve enjoyed the photo montage of your kids and grandkids in the living room of your current home, arrange the photos in a similar manner in your new place. Decorating your new home to make it look like your previous one can definitely give comfort and aid the transition to an assisted-living facility.

Once you’ve moved into your new place, try to set up a daily routine that’s similar to your old one. If your routine includes regular visits from your Comfort Health home health aide, continue to call on him or her for assistance with your daily cares.

Whether you live in a house or an assisted-living facility, turn to Comfort Health for the very best in home health care and specialty nursing services and therapy in the Rochester, MN, area. For more details on Comfort Health’s extensive programs and compassionate services, call 800-204-2332 today or visit


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