Being Heart-Health Aware for Cardiac Condition Management

As we age, our bodies tend to adjust to the natural progression of time in different ways. For some adults, very few lifestyle changes need to be made as these adjustments occur. For others, however, increasing bodily awareness is key to living a long and healthy life.


This is especially true for adults who have cardiac conditions or inconsistent heart health. At Comfort Health, our registered nurses can offer health assessments, skilled nursing services, and lifestyle management skills in the comfort of your Rochester, MN, home to help you and your heart thrive in every stage of your life.


Some signs of cardiac conditions may include shortness of breath, chest pain, rapid or sluggish heartbeats, lightheadedness, and swelling. Because the symptoms vary so widely and can differ based on genetics, sex, and medical history, having an individualized plan can be vital for your health. Identifying concerning symptoms and having a system assessment performed can be a great first step towards consistent heart health.


Maintaining heart health isn’t always as simple as eating a heart healthy breakfast cereal every day. Diet, exercise, individual medication plans, and regular checkups are all part of a heart healthy life, and depending upon your needs, these steps may vary. Finding a healthy balance in your life can be difficult, especially when it means changing your routine. With the assistance of our registered nurses and skilled nursing services, you can find a balance that works for you long-term.


Our skilled nursing team can assist you and your loved ones with performing regular heart health assessments and, depending upon your needs, visit your home for check ins and home health care. Putting your heart health first can reassure loved ones, restore consistency to your day-to-day experience, and help add years to your life.


If you or a loved one in Rochester, MN, has heart health concerns or is in need of skilled nursing services, contact Comfort Health today at (507) 281-2332, or visit our website today.