Treat Mom Right This Mother’s Day with Healthcare Assisted Living Services from Comfort Health in Rochester, MN, for a Life Filled with Enrichment and Independence

Webster’s Dictionary describes mother (mom) as “a female parent, a woman in authority, or an old or elderly woman.” While these definitions may all be true, mom can also be defined as “a rock, support system, and friend.” If your mom is now an elderly woman nearing the stage of her life when she needs and deserves extra assistance , treat her well this Mother’s Day by giving her these services through Comfort Health in Rochester, MN.


Maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle for mom is important. After all, she deserves a less hectic and stressful life at her age. Supportive services such as medication administration, personal care, restaurant style meals, beautician services, and activities in a secured building are things mom would certainly appreciate and enjoy. Comfort Health benefits include:


  1. Balanced and enriched lives. Assisted living facilities have grown in popularity over the last several years because they are places meant to enrich the lives of those who may need assistance with some day-to-day living activities.
  2. Healthcare plan. Healthcare needs within an assisted living facility can be collaborated between the facility and the healthcare team such as a medical provider, nurse, the resident, and the family. This allows families to determine which services are best for mom.
  3. Short-term illness care. Ailments such as the flu and pneumonia may seem small, but when an elderly individual is affected, it’s often more dangerous because of their inability to fight infections. Also, falling can lead to broken bones and leave elderly individuals bedridden. Healthcare assisted living services can help individuals recover safely and allow them to regain their independence and quality of life.
  4. Long-term illness care. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, anxiety, and depression are some of the long-term illnesses that require regular visits to a healthcare provider. If these illnesses are kept under control, healthcare assisted living services can easily and safely monitor and assess residents within the comfort of their living space at the assisted living facility. Remember, however, that as these conditions progress, different medical care and emotional support may be necessary.


Each individual’s personal, emotional, and medical needs are different, and finding the right balance and solution to these needs is challenging and important. That’s why Comfort Health in Rochester, MN, is here to help mom and her family during a somewhat difficult transition from her own home to an assisted living facility. Our assisted living healthcare services are top-notch and ensure the needs of the resident and the family always come first. Our staff is devoted to giving mom the independence, quality of life, and necessary care that she needs to balance and enrich her life. Contact us today by calling (507) 281-2332 or visit us here. This Mother’s Day treat mom to healthcare assisted living services for a life filled with enrichment and independence.

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