Comfort Health’s Services Can Enhance your Loved One’s Assisted-Living Experience in Rochester, MN

Many assisted-living facilities in Rochester, MN and nearby communities provide the perfect bridge for an elderly loved one who can no longer live alone in his or her private home and a nursing home. By moving to an assisted-living facility, many seniors can maintain some independence and dignity, while enjoying a nurturing and secure environment.

Because the level of assistance provided to the residents in these types of facilities can vary greatly, sometimes it’s necessary to secure additional services from home health aides, skilled nurses, and therapists. In the Rochester area, Comfort Health’s highly skilled and compassionate staff members are contracted to provide on-site healthcare.  They can also provide skilled nursing, home health aides, and therapists for folks who need some additional care.

If you’re shopping for the best assisted-living facility for yourself or a loved one in the Rochester, MN community, here’s a handy checklist of things to do and to watch for:

  • If possible, tour different assisted-living facilities and prepare several questions in advance to ask the administrator, social worker, and other staff members. Visit during varied times of the day, especially during mealtimes and in the evening to see how the facility is managed during the busiest times.
  • Watch for red flags. Carefully observe the personal interactions between staff members and residents and ask yourself these questions: Are the staff members pleasant, patient, and respectful? Do they seem genuinely concerned about the well-being of the residents?
  • Ask for a copy of the admissions contract and the residential rules. If you observe hesitancy on the part of the staff to provide them, look elsewhere.
  • Pay close attention to the level of cleanliness and number of odd smells in the facility. Inquire about how often housekeeping services are provided in personal living spaces and the overall maintenance protocol for the facility.
  • Because it’s so nice and healthy to spend some time outdoors, be sure to investigate the outdoors areas that are available. Ask yourself if these areas appear well-maintained and secure.
  • Inquire about activities. Getting out and enjoying activities with other people encourages social interaction, combats loneliness, and makes life more fun.
  • Ask about the security and safety protocols the facility has in place to protect its residents and provide much needed peace of mind.

Comfort Health provides high-quality home health aides, skilled nursing, and therapy in a number of settings, including private homes and assisted-living facilities in the Rochester, MN area. Call 800-204-2332 or visit for more information.

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