Comfort Health’s High-Quality Home Health Aides Watch Closely for Signs of Elder Abuse

While elderly individuals in many cultures, countries, and families are highly revered, in others, they are the unfortunate victims of elder abuse. In many cases, the abuse happens repeatedly because elders are too ashamed or unable to tell someone about it. Fortunately, the well-trained and carefully screened home health aides employed by Comfort Health of Rochester, MN are equipped to proactively spot the signs of elder abuse and to report them immediately to the appropriate authorities. This extra diligence on the part of our home health aides is just one more reason you can trust Comfort Health to take compassionate and professional care of your loved one.


Elder abuse is a single or repeated act, or lack of appropriate actions, which causes harm, risk of harm, or distress to an individual who is 60 years old or older. It can occur within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust, or, when the targeted act is directed toward an elder person by virtue of age or disabilities.


The most common forms of elder abuse include:


• PHYSICAL: Behavior towards an elderly person that results in bodily harm, injury, unnecessary pain, unreasonable confinement or punishment.


• PSYCHOLOGICAL/EMOTIONAL: Threats or actions directed at a senior in an effort to provoke fear of violence or isolation that may result in anxiety, depression or mental anguish.


• SEXUAL: Any form of sexual contact that results from threats, force, or the elder’s inability to give consent, including assault, rape, and sexual harassment.


• NEGLECT: This takes two forms; active and passive. Active neglect occurs when a loved one or other caregiver intentionally withholds goods or services that are necessary for the senior’s physical or mental health. Passive neglect occurs when a loved one or other caregiver fails to recognize the elder’s needs, thereby keeping him or her from needed goods or services.


• FINANCIAL: Illegal or unethical use of a senior’s money, assets or property for personal gain.


Comfort Health provides high-quality home health aides in southern Minnesota. Our staff’s training to identify signs of elder abuse is one more way we provide your loved one with dependable, kind-hearted in-home health care. Call 800-204-2332 or visit our website for more information today.

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