Bringing Comfort Home Through Home Health Services at Comfort Health in Rochester, Minnesota

You’ve heard of or seen different organizations who make and collect pillow cases for cancer patients, backpacks for less fortunate students, or bags for foster children that include a stuffed animals, pajamas, and clothing, all in an attempt to bring comfort home. Bringing comfort home is also the philosophy and vision statement of Comfort Health in Rochester, MN, by providing reassurance, encouragement, and assistance through home care services of all age groups in the comfort of their own home—wherever they call home.

Providing home care to patients of different styles, levels, and need can be difficult. From wound care to skilled nursing, each patient’s needs may be different and require various levels of expertise. At Comfort Health, we provide many services to the patient to make them feel at ease and lift the burden from family members and friends.

Home health care services, including home health aides, have grown in popularity over the years. Home health care typically provides the following services: dressing and undressing, bathing, medication administration and assistance, vital signs, blood sugar testing, nail and skin care, dressing changes, assistance with ambulation, toileting, and post-hospitalization support, to name a few.

Wherever the patient calls home, a home health aide can provide service and assistance so the family is free of the 24/7/365 obligation, stress, and worry. At Comfort Health in Rochester, MN, we provide a customized care plan and are there to assist the patient with the activities of daily living if they cannot accomplish them independently. Our licensed staff is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year, including holidays to assist you in your home care needs. We’re dedicated to providing home care with dignity, quality, comfort, and integrity.

If you know of a loved one who may require home health care service through a home health aide, contact Comfort Health in Rochester, MN. Our trained, dedicated, and empathetic staff have the training, experience, and expertise to provide you with the best possible home care available. Our goal and mission is to “bring comfort home,” wherever you call home. Contact us today by calling toll free (800) 204-2332, local (507) 281-2332, or visit us here.


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