At Comfort Health, Our Clients Are Our Core

The words “Home Health Care” can trigger mixed feelings and reactions depending on a person’s direct or indirect experiences. These feelings can also be negatively influenced by reports or stories they may have heard on the news or through acquaintances.


Unfortunately, it’s true that some folks have had unpleasant experiences in the home health care they’ve received, and worse, others who have suffered horrific incidents which made their conditions worse. To mention just a few of the common ones we’ve heard:


– Patients whose requests for a specific need or objections to a health care plan were overridden.

– Patients who felt the care provided seemed cold and impersonal.

– Patients who felt they were a nuisance when asking for support or help.

– Diabetic patients who lost toes due to improper foot care.

– Patients who were not turned properly or positioned in bed correctly and developed bed sores and related complications.

– Patients who suffered injuries directly caused by staff members due to negligence or, worse, lack of training.


However, there are high-quality home healthcare providers that do care, that do listen to their clients, that do ask about their preferences, that do provide high quality care, and do help their clients keep and maintain their dignity.


At Comfort Health, our clients are our core, and our client’s priorities are our priorities. We offer our clients the highest quality of care in the most compassionate manner possible.


Accepting home health care services can be emotionally challenging for some individuals. Some worry they may lose their sense of independence. Some feel a sense of shame for admitting to a medical need or asking for support. Others feel as though their family does not want the responsibility of caring for them, and feel a sense of abandonment.


We understand this at Comfort Health, and our highly trained nurses and staff provide exceptional care for our clients through their commitment to our four very high standards: Dignity, Quality, Comfort, and Integrity. We offer home care for people with wound care needs, congestive heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and IV use. In addition to home health care, we offer many other programs and services to help our clients live a healthy, happy and safe life. You can find the full listing of these programs and services on our home page. For real-life experiences of what home health care can and should be, check out the testimonials of our clients in Southwestern Minnesota that we have served over the years.

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