Can Assisted Living in Rochester, MN, Slow the Negative Effects of Aging?

When your loved ones reach a certain time in their lives, they may find it’s the right moment to consider assisted living. Though many might be wary of the idea of relying on outside help, most assisted living clients show positive results with both immediate and long term care. Comfort Health offers comprehensive programs that improve quality of life, and in some cases, may slow signs of aging with our professional services in assisted living in Rochester, MN.

While assisted living can’t literally prevent the process of aging, the benefits of quality care for seniors in assisted living facilities actually can show improvements in many areas and even slow the negative effects of aging. Our assisted living care services give positive reinforcements for both physical and mental health.

Physical Health

  • Hygiene: Often, poor hygiene and a lack of self-care can contribute more significantly to a decline in health than many people realize. Our certified health aides provide effective, yet sensitive help with oral hygiene, skin care, bathing, and dressing
  • Medical care: As we age, taking the right medicine at the right time can mean quite a difference in day-to-day life. Our skilled nurses are equipped to administer treatments, perform tests, and ensure our clients take their medications on schedule
  • Therapy treatments: With some of our patients, physical therapy after an injury or throughout a battle against chronic pain can mean the difference between walking or remaining chair-bound. Our professional health aides and nurses can provide physical therapy as well as infusion therapy and anticoagulation therapy
  • Exercise: With assisted living, seniors are often able to take double the amount of exercise they managed caring for themselves. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest contributors to a decline in health and increase in negative aging symptoms
  • Nutrition: Like exercise, nutrition is a major factor in the aging process. Our clients have often shown rapid improvements with our quality meal plans, and our health aides are trained to educate our clients on their nutritional needs

Mental Health

  • Social interaction: In assisted living situations, senior citizens are exposed to an increase in opportunities for social interaction. Whether this means interactions with peers in the same facility or simply a new conversation with a Comfort Health staff member each day, the increase in socializing has often shown positive results, emotionally and cognitively
  • Stress reduction: With our assisted living staff members taking care of hygiene, medical care, and housekeeping needs for clients, the physical and mental difficulties of these responsibilities is lifted, leaving our clients with a virtually stress-free environment

Our clients also find other benefits with assisted living including companionship, a supportive environment, and daily stimulation. Experiencing the many merits assisted living in Rochester, MN, provides has slowed and even eliminated a significant number of negative effects of aging. For more information about our services in assisted living, contact Comfort Health at (507) 281-2332.

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