Benefits of Assisted Home Care with Anticoagulation Therapy in Rochester, MN

Soon after new medical treatments are developed, there is action to create methods of at-home treatments. For example, while natural anticoagulants have been used for centuries, new treatments and medications were introduced from the early 2000s up until now. In response, at-home treatments and testing grew in accuracy and use. However, no matter how accurate self-testing at home is today, it can’t match the treatment and testing that professional health care can provide. With Comfort Health, you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to anticoagulation therapy in Rochester, MN. With our home nursing care, you can have hospital quality care in the comfort of your own home.

The idea of multiple trips to the hospital when concerns of blood clotting or medication warrant professional attention doesn’t appeal to most people. Assisted home nursing care offers several benefits for anticoagulation therapy patients:

  • Stress Reduction: Those who live day-to-day with blood clotting and coagulation issues know the struggle of frequent testing and routine administration of treatment. Patients dealing with conditions causing blood clots know the stress that comes with self-testing or relying on trips to their doctor for care. Comfort Health nursing care virtually eliminates the stress associated with anticoagulation treatment with our at-home therapy.
  • Optimal Care: The common options for anticoagulation treatment are (1) professional treatment with a doctor or nurse outside the home, or (2), self-care treatment at home with a PST unit. Option 1 offers high quality care with the stress of frequent trips to see a health care professional. Option 2 offers lower quality amateur care in the comfort of your home. Neither are ideal for optimal treatment. Taking advantage of Comfort Health’s at-home anticoagulation therapy means receiving high quality care in the comfort of your home—the sum of which is an optimal medical treatment for blood clot patients. 
  • Accurate Testing: Because our nurses are certified professionals, they’re able to perform accurate PT/INR testing and testing for medication levels in patient systems. This accurate testing is unmatched by PST units, and because our care happens in your home, it leads to the most accurate treatment possible. 
  • Accurate Treatment: At-home care with accurate testing provides accurate high-quality treatment for anticoagulation therapy patients. Our treatment can even be more accurate than treatment administered by an external doctor because it’s not compromised by the stress associated with out-of-home care.

For more information about the benefits our at-home anticoagulation therapy in Rochester, MN, can provide, contact Comfort Health at (800) 204-2332 today.

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