Have Peace of Mind When Your Loved One Receives Complex Skilled Nursing Services in Rochester, MN

Recovering from a fall, accident, or hospital stay can be a difficult challenge which requires patience, diligence, attentiveness, and time. What if you don’t have these four qualities to help a loved one after they’ve suffered a fall, accident, or hospital stay? Finding an alternative for care in Rochester, MN need not be difficult with complex skilled nursing services through Comfort Health.


Complex skilled nursing services provide care to clients who require medical services for conditions that can only be handled by a licensed nurse, not a caretaker. These services enable clients to receive the specialized medical care they need right in their home. Check out the benefits of complex skilled nursing services:


  1. One-on-one care and attention to detail. Having one-on-one contact and care by a skilled registered nurse in the comfort of the client’s own home is one of the key benefits of complex skilled nursing services. This service provides a consistent and enhanced level of care with excellent attention to detail.
  2. Increased quality of life. There’s nothing more important than quality of life, and enlisting the help of a skilled registered nurse for complex medical problems is of the utmost importance in increasing the quality of life for a loved one.
  3. Decreased risk of infection. Infection is one of the leading causes of medical problems or death in high-risk patients. With skilled nursing services, the risk of infection is decreased because of the attention to detail, management of medical services, close contact with the client’s physicians, and knowledge of a treatment plan to promptly treat the infection.
  4. Lower cost for in-home care vs. facility-based care. Most individuals rebound and heal quickly in the comfort of their own home and surroundings. That’s why in-home skilled nursing services is beneficial and more cost effective than facility-based care.
  5. Social and spiritual support. Everyone needs social and spiritual support for healing both physically and emotionally. Having an in-home support system through skilled nursing services can reduce the risk of depression and keep your loved one on the road to recovery.


If you’re in Rochester, MN and could benefit from complex skilled nursing services, contact Comfort Health. Our ultimate goal is to provide skilled nursing services to meet the physical and emotional needs of your loved one. We ensure that the highest quality of care is delivered so you have the peace of mind knowing your loved one is safe, happy, and on the road to recovery. Contact us today by calling (507) 281-2332 or visit us here. We’ve got you covered with complex skilled nursing services.

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